Our Uniqueness


We'll never hide from the facts. We'll never make claims we can't back up. Our food is what it is, and we are who we are.


We strive to make healthy West and Central African food accessible. We'll never overcomplicate the facts. We won't post recipes using fancy cooking tools or unobtainable ingredients. We'll always try to reduce the cognitive effort needed to use MLJ.


We eat what the Earth provides, and we believe it tastes best when the earth provides it. We'll endeavour to make our food as natural and unprocessed as possible.


Let the users see us and see that we see them. By truly knowing us, from growers, drivers, manufacturers, bottlers, and sellers, users can be truly connected to their food.


It's not just about the end product; it's about how we get there. We will always embrace failure as much as we embrace success. We will share our experiences when recipes don't work and encourage our users to do so as well. Learning from what went wrong together will inspire our users to become better cooks and inspire us to become better businesses.

Let's Spice Up Your Message!

🌶️ We're thrilled that you're reaching out to Marie's Little Jar! Whether you have a burning question about our sauces or grill dishes or just want to share your culinary adventures, we're all ears. Spice up our day by dropping us a line below, and we promise to get back to you faster than you can say 'delicious'!